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A History of Manchester United

Manchester United was founded in 1878 as the Newton Heath L&YR Football Club. The team first entered the highest league of English football at the time, the English First Division, at the start of the 1892-93 season. 

The club name was changed to Manchester United Football Club in 1902, and they won their first title in 1908. 

1940s - 1960s

It wasn’t until 1948 that the team would see their next great success by capturing the FA Cup. 

Afterwards, the team continued to see success throughout the ’50s under their manager, Sir Matt Busby. Busby helped to build the team’s popularity by focusing on young athletes at the time. During this period the team was also known by the nickname “Busby’s Babes.” 

In 1958, tragedy rocked the team. The team was in an airplane crash, known as the Munich air disaster, that resulted in the deaths of eight players. While devastating for the players and fans, Busby focused his energy on galvanizing the team and rebuilding. It took ten years for the team to recover from this horrifying event. 

By 1968, the team was back on top again and won the European Cup final. They were the first English club to achieve this in history. 

1986 - Present 

In 1986, Alex Ferguson took over the team as head coach, and by the end of the 1987-88 season, the team had worked its way back up to second place in the league. 

In 1990, Manchester United won the FA Cup against Crystal Palace. The match finished 3-3 after extra time. When the game went into the replay, Manchester United went on to win with a goal from Lee Martin (1-0). 

The following season saw the team claimed its first Cup Winners' Cup title! And since 1992, Manchester United has gone on to win more trophies than any other club in English football. 

List of Titles won by Manchester United

You can feel the enthusiasm and excitement of Manchester United’s fans at any pub or match where you watch them play. When they win it’s a similar feeling to having hit the jackpot at a slot machine at your favorite online casino. A sudden rush of euphoria just washes over you and you jump up and down with your mates in celebration. 

Manchester United’s past shows that the team and its fans have plenty to be proud of. But it’s their future prospects that keep us coming back for more.